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Lisa M. Laker, M. Ed.

secondary education instructor


Imagination and creativity are lifelong values all parents, teachers, and adults should champion in our children. Samantha Piety's debut children's book, The Ought Not Tots, effectively captures the innocence of youth and the importance of imagination.  As a mother of two adult daughters, this story brought tears to my eyes:  my girls were once that imaginative, feisty, and  "perfect team" like Ruby and Stella!  Undoubtedly, indoor play days using nothing but your imagination--as well as making snow angels-- are key ingredients to any healthy childhood. Sometimes as parents, we forget that it isn't always the latest and greatest toy out there--it is the chance to develop the "what if's" in life. These adorable characters simply asked, "What if we used flour to make snow angels?" What ensues is joyful!   


The other hat I wear is that of a veteran high school English teacher. I have been encouraged by the educational research out there from such groups as NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) to use children's books as anchor texts for different writing skills such as character development, theme, and stylistic dialogue. I believe Ms. Piety's The Ought Not Tots will definitely have a place on my classroom bookshelf, and I will be breaking it out during model lessons as our mentor text. Perhaps my teen students will also get the message in it for them:  put your cell phones away and use your creativity! 


Purchase this endearing children's book, The Ought Not Tots by Samantha Piety,  for your family or gift it to a teacher like me. Finally, here's a lesson in it for all of us--the young and the old:  go ahead and let those imaginations get you into trouble! 

Shelly Martin 

pediatric speech language pathologist 

You ought not miss this one! With a fun, relatable story line and cute, lovable characters, little ones will reach for The Ought Not Tots again and again. As a parent and as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, this sweet and engaging children’s book is one I will use in many ways including to share new vocabulary words, for problem solving and to discuss social language, to sequence events and teach story elements, and most importantly, for fun!

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